Why a Gold Prospecting Adventure?

Gold prospecting is one of the oldest skills known to man…

You can learn the basics in a short period, maybe even get started in a weekend. The real adventure begins when Gold fever strikes. That first nugget or pan with a comet tail of black sand and Gold, real Gold! After that you’re hooked. Now its time to pull friends and family into the adventure of a life time, finding Gold!

The problem you face now is getting to where you can reliably find gold. This will take a bit more skill than you usually find in typical gold prospecting training material.

That can be difficult for you to endure, especially when you try again and again, getting more frustrated with the experience.

What you need to know right now is
“Where’s the Gold?”


  1. Mickey Reitterer says

    A good site to check out good matting ,and sluice use is gold hog.com it’s another good site

  2. Jake Thar says

    I’m thinking about buying a 51 inch sluice box. Not sure from whom yet but I would like to know how many 5 gal buckets of sand can you run through it before you have to clean it out. I live in Lower Michigan and I guess there is just small flower gold and smaller here. I need a sluice box that will trap that small gold. Help me out please.

    • Prospector Jess says

      I use an A52 Keene, with blue miners matting in the top 1/4. Can run all day as long as you don’t let too much of the material behind each riffle clean out completely. Also, make sure you let the box clean out enough that about 1/2 of carpet or matting is visible at all times. Too full means you’ll blow finer gold out the back end. All about the water flow and feed rate balance. (Set angle so water moves through sluice in about 3 to 4 seconds for a 4 foot sluice.

      BTW some Mich gravel pits produce nuggets & coarse gold. You’re right about the glacial gold. Most gold is in northern Mi.

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