Where does gold come from?

Gold – Geology 101 part 1 of 2

In this video I briefly describe the origins of gold.  At least an outline of current science about gold. Trust me, you wouldn’t want me to go up and down the detailed physics of Silicon fusing and forming Nickel 56 which radioactively decays to Iron (Fe)…

OK, I’ll let up 😉

To understand gold better I will show you about the special, extreme energy furnace that is required to convert lighter elements into gold.

The things this video will show you are:

  1. The helium fusion main star sequence has a huge problem making gold.
  2. The amazing energy feat that is required to forge gold, 10^28 what?
  3. Then you’ll see yet another way gravity affects gold.
  4. What element is fused last in the main sequence star?
    How does this impact your finding gold?

Take a look at the answer to – “Where does gold come from?”

Previously I mentioned the “Gold Prospectors Handbook” – by, Jack Black – I’ll keep referring to it as we continue the gold prospecting video series. If you want an indicator of  prospecting value; my copy’s all dog eared, scribbled in and coffee stained after years and years of service. In fact I’m looking at ordering a new copy as soon as I wear this one out.

As seen in this video and recommended by Prospector Jess.

By popular request:    Get your copy of the gold prospector’s handbook – click here

Gold Prospecting Hand BookGold Prospector’s Handbook

Alternate source: Gold Prospectors Handbook

By the way… Geology Video Part 2 of 2 is found here


  1. Scott Blanchette says

    Just a quick note: You mentioned that main sequence stars like our sun fuse elements, and stop with iron – and then if the mass is large enough to a supernova. This isn’t quite right, at least according to current general thinking. Stars the mass of our sun or a bit larger only fuse up to carbon, they don’t get hot enough to fuse beyond that. Stars more than ~5 times our sun fuse additional elements up to iron, but it takes about 10x the mass of the sun to fuse iron and become a Type II supernova – and produce elements heavier than iron, which includes gold.

  2. says

    Hi Jess,

    I have tried to purchase the “Prospectors Book” down here in Australia via your site” Black Cat Mining”

    unfortunately, the dropdown address boxes only incorporate places in Canada or the US, – dosn’t allow for an address in Australia, any ideas where I can purchase the book down in OZ?

  3. muzzy leonid says

    great video and info. couldn’t find part 2. been wondering exactly where does gold come from-originate from-this video answered that.

  4. Prospector Jess says

    Prospector Jess gold notes:
    Based on my slightly high pitched squeaky voice, I’ve been asked if I was breathing helium in this video…
    No, I was not – it was an unfortunate setting of my audio digitizing gear.
    Couldn’t do ahead of time it if I tried… 😉 LOL


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