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Now let’s look at – “Where does gold go in a storm?”

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Video Part 8 of 8: “Gold in a storm – Sampling for pay-streaks”

Question: Why should you hunt for gold?

Download this USGS  gold  reference document -
Get the USGS Gold PDF here

Get the PDF reader here

Reviewed by PJ – This is one of the best historical and scientific descriptions of Gold that I have read.  Enjoy!

Gold – “Through the ages, men and women have cherished gold, and many have had a compelling desire to amass great quantities of it — so compelling a desire, in fact, that the frantic need to seek and hoard gold has been aptly named “gold fever.” Gold was among the first metals to be mined because it commonly occurs in its native form — that is, not combined with other elements — because it is beautiful and imperishable, and because exquisite objects can be made from it. ” USGS site



Download this CA Dept of conservation – Division of mines and geology – Placer gold recovery PDF document here

Reviewed by PJ – This is a great introduction to various placer gold mining and concentration techniques. Of particular interest is the technical advancement from the rocker box and hungarian riffle of 1849 through the modern shaker table and helical concentrating machines of today. There’s a big difference in efficiency in that time frame, that means more gold for you! Pretty cool…


  1. Gary Tremmel says

    My advise to all the new and upcoming prospectors is do your research. Hunting 4 gold is a great way to get started with all of the information that is available. Get yourself some good maps of your state, talk to your local BLM folks and the forest service, also talk to the folks at the department of natural resources. These folks can be very helpful and know where and what you may or may not do pertaining to prospecting.

  2. Dave Levesque says

    great site. i am wondering if any one could tell me if there is any truth to the rumor that there could be gold in the ground where they cut roads through bedrock, like on the sides of the highway. i have to travel over two hours to get to the nearest river that has gold so i realy dont get to go there very often. i live in new hampshire and they are always blasting new roads through bedrock. if this rumor is true, i have a new place to look for gold.i am 55 and i am learning to pan. learning is half the fun.i think this is going to be a great hobby.THANK YOU in advance for any info.

  3. tyler norton says

    Hey everyone Im really new to this and I live in Idaho springs CO but I have been pan after pan and I can not find anything, also when I do im not sure how to tell if its cold or fools gold can anyone give me some much needed help?? Thank You!!!!

  4. Linda Goeppinger says

    As being new to a new life endeavor at 63, do you think the Fisher Gold Bug, or Bug pro is a good metal detector to start with? I just bought two mining claims with 2,500′ of good running creek, with mountains and a closed mine. Question 1, metal detector as above. Second, finding gold at bottom of hills, mountain? I can not find information on finding gold on wash from mountains.

    Your information will be helpful, Thank You, Linda

  5. raymond petersen says

    here in portland or, gold is hard to find. heres hoping you guys and gpaa can help

  6. David Fox says

    I live in Phoenix Az, Looking for prospecting buddies also /fishing/hunting. For gold prospecting I am with GPAA and have a tesoro lobo detector , also made a recirculating highbanker sluice box system I made up. I Got a Ford F350 I go out in got camping gear etc. If anyone wants to hookup to go prospecting , hunting ,fishing hit me up

    • carl spears says

      hey im in apache jct and i got the same detector im just starting been out a couple times dont have truck, i am a member of gpaa to they have a claim out this way its a new one i got part way there but mini van not good

  7. Jack Drye says

    My name is Jack and I live in Dallas Tx. I was wondering where would be the closes place to go from me to look for gold. I have never been prospecting before and it sounds like something fun to do. One thing I do know is how to move material, I am a heavy equipment operator and I know how to operate a shovel pretty good. Any advice I would luv to hear.

    • Prospector Jess says

      Jack – Welcome!

      Dallas is pretty limited on historic gold finds. There are a few in west Texas. So, it looks like Georgia, South Carolina, gold belt are your best bets.

      Start small even with heavy equipment in mind. The principle is to hunt for the gold pay-streak where you have permissions.
      Once you locate that valuable concentrated gold line your almost ready. When you have established value per ton and you have rights, permits, etc. Then it’s time to bring it on…

      • Jack Drye says

        Thank you Jess I am not planning to use equipment. Just wanted to try my luck for fun. Unless there are people putting crews together, it would just be a hobby for now. It seems every one has gold fever. If you know of people putting a crew together I sure would be interested in that. Thanks and Good luck

  8. Oro says

    Very cool to read about others who are either thinking about or doing what my wife and I are planning for this summer. We had an introduction to prospecting due to a friend of ours we used to work with in the 90’s but we didn’t take him as serious as we should have.
    Recently we joined the GPAA and also the New 49er’s so we could unlock as much gold prospecting property around the country as possible.
    We also have our own internet based radio station that we use to help spread the word about GPAA, New 49er’s and everything else related to gold.
    We are going to replace a full time job and a part time job with our efforts in the near future and hopefully 2013 will be our YEAR.
    Hopin everyones pan runs yellow and shiny…

  9. nabeel shatat says

    Hi Jess, I’m about to buy a metal detector and go try my luck hunting for gold, which brand of metal detector you would recommend me to buy? (my budget is about $200) Please advice.


  10. Les Kent says

    I am a new member and very glad that I found Hunting4Gold to help me with my new hobby. I have an undergraduate degree in geology, but no prospecting experience whatsoever. The teaching format offered here makes me feel confident that I will learn to recover some gold, even in Alabama. It is also good to be able to read comments from other prospectors .

    I live in north Alabama and have been able to locate a few old mine and placer sites within a two-hour driving distance. It appears that the recovery effort at each site ceased in the early 1920’s, but I am sure some prospecting has occurred since then.

    I am quite sure that all the sites are located on private property. How do I approach a property owner when seeking permission to prospect? Should I offer any type of compensation? Thanks for any help.

  11. thomas weaver says

    i love this site, but im looking for panners/prospectors or metalheads (detectors) from the ga area i live in a little town called woodstock and we sit on the ga gold belt. im just trying to connect with others like myself to help bring back our past and what made this part of ga really FAMOUSE!!!!!!!!!! gold

  12. Ricky Sambo says

    I have just join hunting4gold, i have a question
    Is it possible to get gold detector that shows the distance from the equipment to the gold ? quantity? if yes give out details please.

  13. star subasa says

    Hi Mr.Jess i’m from Indonesia and i’ve a question. My country’s area has different kind of nature like the seasons, the weathers,etc. In here we have mostly thick clay on the top layer. and I thinkt that would be extremly hard to find chunks or even the nuggets. So how do I find gold in the area like this?. thaks for your attention.

  14. Kane Dalton says

    when it comes to quartz
    i find all different types from solid to rock and quartz to quartz that looks like honeycomb and large quartz that have big hollows with some really nice crystals in them
    all from in the same river
    and is an old gold mining town in Victoria, Australia, where i do find some nice pockets of gold
    but what quartz am i looking for or part of the rock , that still contains gold
    or is it just hit and miss
    do i need to brake them up to see or is there an easer way to look for something pacific than just hit and miss?

    • Prospector Jess says

      In general quartz will not have gold, but if it has dark red to blue-black segments and perhaps a bit of gold or pyrite gold matrix, then the potential goes up.

      In fact the gold content can vary quite dramatically within a small section of a quartz sample. That’s where a small gold detector like the Falcon MD-20 can be very handy. This gold metal detecting tool will allow you to distinguish gold from ferrous hot rocks and pyrite as well as common quartz. I have found specs of gold smaller than the head of a pin in the host rock material. Has to be within 1/2 inch or so of the surface if its small.

      • Kane Dalton says

        thank u PJ. That is quite helpful, also a lot of the quartz that i find is also quartz/blue iron stone
        I was looking at buying the minelab 5000 series
        what metal detector is your preference?

      • Kane Dalton says

        is there somewhere i can post a pic of some of the creeks and rivers and the quartz that i am talking about

  15. Bill Carter says

    I just joined hunting4gold! I have a silly question!

    Have they ever found gold in Ohio? If so, where?

    • steven nicklus says

      yes there is gold there. i have a friend who belonged to the GPAA. and he and i have found gold . on there members only claims. one place was beleve it or not in a ditch that had water flowing in it in the spring .

    • Prospector Jess says

      Metal detectors are a unique method to discover gold hidden from sight. You still benefit from the same understanding of where gold typically concentrates and knowing where to best use your metal detector in the first place.

      Cheaper detectors require larger & shallower nuggets as they cannot hear reflections from smaller gold flakes. Again, knowing where & what kind of gold is critical to gold detector success. (also they cannot easily help you hear the difference between gold and trash metal objects) In fact really cheap detectors will often make you dig a lot more holes with nothing to show for it…

      That said I love to hunt for gold nuggets with a decent metal detector by looking in the right areas.

  16. Stephen Duranleau says

    Dear sir,

    There is an old Irish saying ‘ the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time’ and nothing is more true these days , with less leisure time , more responsabilities at work and home and sometimes illness can add to that mix but thank god for that Gold Bug, still around for more than a century ! Of course there are many other great reasons for searching for gold apart from its going spot price around 1630$ range per once ,its the mental and physical benefits and the adventure of this wonderful pass time that can take us faraway ,even for a few hours and rejuvenate our spirit . It doesn’t matter if your alone on the hunt or with family and friends the end result is the same, fun and finding that illusive ‘BIG ONE’ ! I don’t think that there is anything quite like the the adventure of gold hunting .

    Happy hunting everyone and thanks sir Jess for the help and kindness you share with us adventurers.

    God bless, Stephen
    Montreal ,Quebec ,Canada

  17. Jim says

    Jess I hope you can understand that comment.i thinking there has got to still be place to prospect for gold.That no one been to before..I mean with the price of gold now every one and there dog is out in those rivers.I want to go to place that’s way off the beaten path.So in these national forest can a guy find places that I can go with every one else being there

  18. dennis says

    i have been panning in vermont for years and have come across one of the best gold finds so far, it is in a big piece of rotten old ledge that is made up of thin peices like paper almost that you can seperate with your hands and crumble it,it also feels almost oily, this is after a big bend in the river on the inside down stream side and theres a deep bed rock bottom pool to the side and in the river from where i am getting this gold.
    my question is ,is this gold been deposited here by the water or have i actually found a place that this was deposited by other natural procceses? is hard to imagine that the golds got between these thin sheets of slate like ledge, whats your opinion, and what would be a good way to find bigger pieces or to find the source or follow this vein, hope you get what i am saying, one day i may make a video or take pics thanks

  19. david says

    I am very new to this but i have a fever that wont stop and not sure were to take the frist step. i have one pan that belonged to my father and alot of drive. the info i am learning from ur site is awsome but i need to know what steps i should go in like where to go, and what i need to really get going. outside of practise can i have any like in the westren new york area or am i going to have to travel. any help or advise would be great..i will keep researching any info i can find but times r tuff and i want to really persue this. going from a buyer of gold to a hunter of gold can be a little over whelmig and i really dont want to waist any more time.. and do you know of a site or anyone that is selling old tools such as pans and sluth at a discount price..thank you for all ur help and insite.

  20. john says

    I would like to know if anyone has ever quit there job and been able to find 2/3 oz of gold a day. If so would the best bet be a mine with rich walls (and how do you seperate it), or panning in a river, or even using a metal detector in the desert/streams? Just curious is I should quit my day job and buy a claim? Please convince me / thanks johndotcom at

    All the best to you folks who make the transition

    • Prospector Jess says

      That’s a good question. I know of a few who made it, it took experience & also some educating from experienced prospectors to get it right though. Often there’s more value in the experience than in the gold itself.

    • Jim says

      Will I have been thinking the same thing. I have not been able to find a job in 4 yrs now.And I feel that if a man can get out there he could at least find a 1/4 oz a week at the most and at the least find maybe 10 to 20 grams. that’s a pretty good pay check.
      Now here my question.the price of gold at 1713 an oz.would a prospecter get the full price for gold coming out of the streams .if not then what price would you get .
      but one has got to be able to find 10 grams a week

  21. kenneth gentry says

    i have mining for gold in in alaska for over 22 years . started in calif. 27 years ago it will definitly keep you in shape dredging , sloosing ,making my own me its not work it is fun seeing that first flake or nuget show up in your box or pan.when i go dredging i call it sucking dirt.anyway i know i can alwayes learn somthing new .i am excited to learn about Hunting 4 gold . com.

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