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You can access your Government Gold Maps product below, but first read this…

Summary – How to use free USGS resources to make great gold maps!

The start of any good prospecting adventure starts with maps and detailed site history research.
Let’s do both at the same time within the H4G five stage gold finding framework!

How to make detailed gold maps for any prospecting area represented by the USGS – Mine Resource Database System (MRDS)Government Gold Maps – Table of Contents:

  1. How to use the USGS MRDS mapping system
  2. How to put USGS MRDS maps and Topo maps together for gold clues
  3. How to customize your gold maps
  4. How to use these maps within the five stage gold finding process
  5. How to find international gold sites


  • PDF, Video, DVD & Audio each cover all these topics.
  • See links to Google & USGS setup below.
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  PDF Report download link

Government gold maps PDF report – Learn how to access "Government Gold Maps (I) Report"; See* below.Get the Adobe PDF reader hereNote: If you have the ‘Gold Prospector’s Bonanza’ the pdf. report links are accessed from that members area page (up one level.)See links to MRDS & Google given in notes below.
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DVD: Learn how to access "Government Gold Maps (I) DVD"; See* below.

 181-Color-48Web video Player & Mobile video download links

How to use the USGS MRDS

The quick way to find and map gold locations near your and what I do with that information to seed the five stages of gold finding that follow. This is just the beginning of your journey to find more gold.

Learn how to access "Government Gold Maps (I) Web video"; See* below.

Topo Gold Maps

What topo maps say about where to find gold!

Topo maps contain some important information for the gold prospector. Elevation differences play a big role in how gold is driven downhill by gravity. Take a look and see what you find about how to look at hills and valleys like a gold prospector. Great scenery will never look quite the same, 10kt or 23kt golden views anyone?

Learn how to access "Government Gold Maps (I) Web video"; See* below.

How to Use USGS International Resources

The start of any good international prospecting adventure starts with maps and research. Let’s do both at the same time!

See how to make detailed international gold maps for any prospecting area represented by the USGS Database System…

(Note: See links to Google & USGS setup above)

Learn how to access "Government Gold Maps (I) Web video"; See* below.


To see how to customize the look of your custom gold maps, watch this video…

I like to make the gold locations on my maps stand out in useful ways. For example it is useful to clearly see where current mining activity exists vs. historic closed mines. For that I use custom mine markers or icons.

Learn how to access "Government Gold Maps (I) Web video"; See* below.

Mobile video download links

Note: Mobile video is available for web access subscribers only

Learn how to access "Government Gold Maps (I) Web video"; See* below.

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Right click on each .mp3 link and “save link as” file on your disk.Learn how to access "Government Gold Maps (I) DVD, Government Gold Maps (I) Web video"; See* below.Note: Audio comes with Web video or DVD access.

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Links to help you set up Google earth & USGS MRDS:

  1. MRDS site – Go here
  2. Google Earth Setup: Go here
  3. Get the Adobe PDF reader here
  4. MRDS map search settings page: Location search page used in my map demonstration is found here



  1. Tom Acciavatti says

    I live in Franktown, Colorado. Been looking for the yellow stuff, found some. Always would like more, thanks for the tip, big help!
    Be safe, and thank you again.

    Tom A.

  2. Timothy Lafferty says

    You still doing the live prospecting webinars where you answer call in questions as I have seen in some of your videos posted on youtube? If yes then, how how would one find the schedule and more importantly gain access?

  3. serge boccara says

    hello i am a biguinner living on the indian ocean and i have the will to go back to florida next year to join backmy family
    i plan on prospecting for gold .do you think i should by a claim and hunt for gol with a metal detector at first and then by any mean needed
    or are there enought public spaces to dig in for gold

    thank for all serge

    • Prospector Jess says

      It’s probably best for you to join a club in one of the major bearing areas near where you plan to prospect. Getting a claim this early in your journey is likely too soon.

  4. Vernon Singer says

    HI P.J.
    This Vernon, I live in E. Stroudsburg, Pa. I find some quartz in lots of places, I know gold has bin found near The Delaware River, but not much. I find the quartz in or on the grown near my home. Do you think that I may find gold here?

  5. carl spears says

    what about Arizona I don’t live in cal. and cant afford to go that far for hunting gold can your maps can help me out in az

  6. Gregg lyell says

    hi. i see you mentioned the Alaskan idiots that are traveling all over the world to find gold and cannot find their ass with both hands. Now i see they are diamond mining and having been a diamond miner for 14 years in Sierra Leone i can tell you that diamond that they found was worth about $100 max but to them it is the Holy Grail of diamonds. I guess ignorance is bliss as they say.
    I am trying your gold maps info pack and see how it goes. I know about the government areas already and have several of their maps for mexico mining as well but I am always looking for something new.

    Thanks for the info and have a great new year.

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