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Prospector Jess is a Gold prospector and your guide to the gold prospecting adventure of a lifetime.

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  1. Robert Spurlock says


    Things to remember, gold locations past and present are available FREE on the internet. What isnt usually mentioned, expecially in the western states is almost all gold bearing land is claimed! This means someones charging you a fee to tell you where gold may be found and is stealing your money because #1 info is free on internet. #2 Almost all good ground is claimed, on privite land, or off limits to mining of any kind like national parks, national monuments,state parks, historical and wilderness areas, ext ext. Ive been mining for 30 years and the first 5 I wasted looking for places I could pan without getting shot or going to jail using maps and locations sold by others. My advise is to join a club that has its own claims for a fee, yes they are worked to death already but its better than jail or a ass full of buckshot. ALSO REMEMBER THE GOLD RUSH of 1800s found most of the easy gold, yes you can find specks and flakes most anywhere gold has been found but dont think your gona get rich..your not!

  2. Vernon J. Singer says


    Thanks Jess,

    greate video, I have been doing some of these things, I have found some good inforemation on places in my area here in Pa. I also am buying some paydirt to work with, I have some gold, its a lot of fun too.

  3. bob clearwater says


    jess. thanks for this information. I’m always learning. I’ve asked this question before but you haven’t answered to my knowledge. could you show and explain what i should look for when I’m looking for a place to prospect? what i am looking for is the marker that marks where an existing mine or claim is. is it a stick standing up on the four corners of a claim or is it a metal tag imbedded in concrete on the four corners? what marks a claim? how big is a claim? thanks for your answers. bob

    • says


      They can be anything depending on what the laws are where you are at.
      Most claim markers are some sort of stake/post with the claim owner info
      encased on the post, accessible to everyone and visible to everyone.

      I have also seen pvc pipe embedded into concrete marking the site.

      I personally have not seen or found markers at all 4 corners of a claim yet,
      most will mark the trail leading to the claim and or where the claim starts.

      Claims can be small or big, it depends on whether the claim owner has
      purchased multiple claims side by side but usually they are 20 acres
      in size.

      Here is a page with the definitions explained for clarity on what type of claim,
      and how it should be marked.

      Hope that Helps,

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