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  1. MrRogue says

    HI Jess,

    We here in Texas find mostly flour gold.
    I’ve been checking around at different creeks / rivers to look into for gold.

    I’ve found a bunch of creeks with a lot of limestone in them.
    Am I wasting my time looking in creeks with lots of limestone?

    • Prospector Jess says

      The question is are there likely source rock types nearby (ultra mafic – Basalt, serpentine, or Granite, Metamorphics etc.) If yes then limestone & marble contact zones can be a good potential zone for gold lode. If not there’s more likely a fine gold source based on old glacial till & not rock lodes nearby. Many of the most productive zones (Mother lode in California for example have a lot of intersecting lime stones & marbles in the contact faults where hydrothermal vents deposited gold and other precious metals.

  2. Terry Hebert says

    I would prefer a DVD if at all possible . From the time I bought this I have lost it many times . Trying to get this up to see it but haven’t yet Thank you , Terry

  3. Ramon Serey says

    I have gold mine in a hidrothermal anomly near (18 kmt), we sell the property, mining plant, and land ownership. Where I can send you the data, greetings.

  4. Anyhony Gabriel says

    hello, i am learning alot from your videos as i am a newbie prospector.i was wondering how to become a member of your site.thank you.

      • Andy says

        hi Jess,

        Have a nice day and say hello from Jakarta-Indonesia, after seeing your video about kind of rock of with the gold that very interesting to me, cause near of my home there is a natural river with the hills and valleys that I can found a such number of rock that a same as you show on your video. An other things that at top of the hills there was a gold mining in Dutch colonial era that was a long time ago and today no body go there for finding the gold. The people arround the area do not know about that. if you do not mind I will send a picture of the stone that was there.

        Also I am invites you to come to my country and I’ll show you the place. I would be as your guide in here and for sure I’ll do my best.

        Thanks and Best Regards

      • Ronald Black says

        Hey Jess,
        Two Dawgs here.
        I would like to learn and under stand hydraulic equivalents .
        Is there a video some where ?

      • Prospector Jess says

        Here’s a USGS PDF publication on the topic of gold, quartz crystals and hydraulic equivalents.

        Let me know just how much of a layman’s interpretation you need. This is the engine behind gold placer sorting and formation. Unfortunately it will be Greek to most prospectors today. It could even make an interesting gold prospecting webinar/hangout topic ;-)

        Short form is that in hydraulic science you can often model the behavior of differing objects and physical characteristics to better understand their behavior under similar conditions (similarity.) Often depends on knowing the key physical property involved and developing a similarity rule (kind of like Mach numbers relates to sound speeds)

  5. Leonardo Cipriano says

    Hi Jess.
    First of all I’d like to thank you for the excellent material and classes. I’m a gold prospecting newbie and you are helping me a LOT! And I hope you keep feeding us with all your expertise!
    I live in Brazil, in a region called Quadrilatero Ferrifero with lots of mountains. It has a hystorical role in iron and gold mining. But almost all of the gold mines are lode(vein) deposits (if not all !). So my first question is: What is the relationship between those veins and placer gold(if there is)? How far from a lode gold mine may I look for gold in creeks? And can you tell me if should I look for all the same clues for prospecting here in Brazil?
    Once again THANK YOU very much.
    Best regards

    ps. please forgive me if my english doesn’t “sound” that good!

    • Prospector Jess says


      Good questions. All gold found in placer deposits originated from a lode source somewhere in the past. That lode has long since eroded and re concentrated as placer deposits down hill and down stream from its original lode source. Often the lode is not too far from the placer if it still exists. This is because gold will seek shelter ate bedrock fast and once it hits a location it will stick unless disturbed. That’s why smaller gold travels further away faster, but larger nuggets will tend to be nearer the source.

      Finding a lode source today would be quite a feat, so it’s best to stick with the placer deposit until you have played it out.

      Gold clues do not depend on national or political boundaries ;-)

      • Leonardo Cipriano says

        Last weekend I went to a small creek, and I mean very small, but it was about 2 miles away from an old mine (1800’s) and guess what!! I found some flour gold and even a small flake using all the prospecting technics you provided. My first one!!! Can’t tell you how happy I am !!!

        Thanks a LOT !

        ps. can’t wait to watch your next videos

  6. Steve says

    Hi Jess

    Please help me out below is a description of some intrustive rock formations in the UK the site also has a river running through it. Is this a good place to find gold?

    1:625 000 scale bedrock geology description: Unnamed Igneous Intrusion, Late Silurian To Early Devonian – Felsic-rock. Igneous Bedrock formed approximately 398 to 423 million years ago in the Devonian and Silurian Periods. Local environment previously dominated by intrusions of silica-rich magma.

    Setting: intrusions of silica-rich magma. These rocks were formed from silica-rich magma intruded into the Earth’s crust. It cooled to form intrusions ranging from large, coarse-crystalline, often granitic, batholiths to smaller, fine to medium crystalline, often rhyolitic, dykes and sills.

    • Prospector Jess says

      Maybe, depending on the metal concentrations in the silica intrusions. Granite tends to not be so great unless injected with iron-copper-nickel rich secondary hydrothermal fissures. These can and do often carry precious metals and sometimes rare earth rich ores as well. Do you have any geologic mining records from the region?

  7. chris says

    hi jess
    what do you think my pictures are off, honest experts opinion.
    theres lots of other pictures i could send.
    but they might give it away (paranoia sets in)
    im quite a bright bloke. and i always have to teach my self everything.
    and always jump in at the deepend.
    which has never failed me, with my unorthodox methods of doing everything.
    i pretty sure using a pan or sluice, is usless. and just a distraction for amatuers.(like a conspiracy)
    lets face it, if i was a serious gold prospector. i wouldnt tell anyone (the truth). no offence.
    should i stay or should i go. withwhat i have found. one big lump of gold, one big lump of pyrite,
    lots of quartz veins lots of red and silver colour. and un touched for at least 40 years
    i am too excited, i have no money, only a big watch collection. which i am now selling. just too see if i am right. i plan to camp out there on my own for 6 weeks.and i hate camping.
    what can i do…arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    ps i am no good at expressing what i mean in text. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  8. James McEachern says

    Hi Jess I just purchased Government Gold Maps plus the video but never got access to the down load, this is my reference # 2260868578485 could you help.

    thank you James

  9. Gerald Spadt says

    I have a quick question…. I dig dirt in the desert. I Classify the dirt to 1/8th, wash…. then Pan.
    I wash the dirt in small containers (less than a gal.)
    During the wash process doesn’t the gold go to the bottom of the wash basin? And why should I need to pan out the top half of dirt?

    I tried it with BB’s, and they are always found during the last inch or so of the process.
    Please let me know what you think!
    Gerald Spadt

    • Prospector Jess says

      In general, classification will help keep the layers stratified evenly, but if the stratification has 1/8 and smaller mixed you will get a distribution of 1/8 material not an ideal layer of them (for example BB’s) Of course a lot of this depends on the mix and any standing waves of the material in suspension. That in turn depends on the mixture of vibration frequencies used in shaking down and stratifying the material. Low freq tends to move larger heavier objects further, higher frequencies (more rapid shaking) moves smaller particles more. Kind of hard to visualize in print here… :-(

  10. Rogvi Esmar Jacobsen says

    Hi Jess
    I need to ask you if you could help me out with an issue. I have in my spare time been looking at your videos and (they are fantastic by the way) I have been wondering about some more practical aspects of the red colors that you mention in your videos. I have been looking around at different rocks, in rivers, quarries, along highways etc, and I have found quite a lot of these red coloring that you mention. I am however unsure as to how to proceed from seeing the color and actually identifying if I am on the right track or not. I was wondering if I could send you some pictures by email and get your professional opinion on it. I am from a small country that does not have any history of mining besides coal mining, and that was only found because it was on the surface. I really don’t know where else to turn in order to get a little help.

    Another thing is that me and my brother went out looking for these quarts rocks and red spots in them and I think we might have found gold inside some rocks, but then again, due to the absence of any such things here I have no clue as to how to proceed, could I also send you pictures of that just to get an opinion?

    To end with I just want to thank you for a very informative and helpful webpage.

    • Lyn Poitz says

      I just moved up to the Crescent City, Klamath CA area and was wondering if there has been any prospecting around the local areas. I work in an RV park right on the Klamath River just south of the town of Klamath. I know there is much Native American land which I think is non accessible. Can you advise me about the area?

  11. Roger Cohs says

    hi jess, just saw a piece on tv about another gold rush in cally after the floods surr hope your getting in on the action. will be going to denver in may this year hope to do some panning in their rivers got the fever best of luck if you know of some places in denver where to pan it would be appreciated

  12. Vernon Singer says


    Hi P.J.,
    I do like what I see, I would like to know where I can get to hangout with P.J., and what time it is, I am in Pa.

  13. David McCusker says

    Hello Jess ,
    We are waiting for our Garrett GTI2500 to get here in the mail. I bought it a couple years ago and still have not used it. My company has bounced me around the country and now I am at Balboa RV Park in Van Nuys. I dropped it off in Dallas at the Garrett headquarters to have it recalibrated. I read 2 or 3 hours a night on mapping and where and how to locate gold. I stummbled upon this site earlier today and so far I have found many answers to the tons of questions I have been searching for. Thanks , I do have a gold map through Google earth that gives me an idea as to where previouse claims and current claims are. With that and your amazing info , I will feel like a 49er before long. One question how do I access the info I purchased. I cant seem to find the area with the clickable sites. Thanks Again Sir.


  14. Sandi says

    How do I get registered, username and password? I have some rocks that I have found and want to send a photo of them to you. Thank you, Sandi

  15. Jackie says

    I have a Question. I inheareted a rock ore with heavy gold from my grandmother which my uncle from Gunnison Co had a gold mine there. He gave it to her and said its the most rare richest they found. Where and how can i find out the value? Please email me with any help you may give me.

  16. John Jones says

    I have been impressed with some of your presentations and believe that you have something to tell and sell.
    I am also happy to pay for the info that you have but being on your Webb site is like being stuck in a vortex!
    Round and round and round it goes!
    I can better use my time fumbling about out on the river looking for gold than being stuck on this computer!
    You should try logging on as a stranger, I think you would be surprised and (like me) disappointed.
    Meanwhile, I’m out of here! Cheers, John.

  17. raymond petersen says

    your site has help me find gold and more important, rocks. love color in rocks. save them, cut them, and my new hobby lapidary. selling my gems or stones to go find more gold. and on and on we go.

  18. James G. Mamales says

    I was born and raised in Utah but I now live in South Carolina! Is there gold to be found in this state where I live? I am intrigued and very interested in finding gold now that I found your website! Sincerely James :-)

  19. Georgiy says

    Hi Jess,
    I think you mentioned you are in Long Beach area. I am in Bellflower – North of Long Beach. I go to San Gabriel River a lot, but not where everybody goes – I go about 2-3 miles past Narrows at Bridge to Nowhere. A lot and a lot of quarts up there. No regular people can get there, only physically advanced (14 miles two ways without trail is not a joke) – so nobody was there when I was. It is really hard to get there but very rewarding. Bed rock is close or exposed – people say lots of good size nuggets are there. Do you know about that area? The quarts is all different – transparent, red, greenish. A lot of green rocks too. Is it a sign for lode vein.? The boulders on the river are unusual though – they all have empty spaces between them like somebody moved them. But I know nobody can move a half a mile area of car size boulders.

  20. Mike Orr says

    Good Day
    I saw another fellow asked same question what are the cost of your service or closed to me sites. I look for a product tab but could not find it. Thanks
    Mike Orr

  21. Daniel Burkhart says

    I live in central Iowa and wanted to know your thoughts on dry creek beds. There are a lot of them right now that look promising. I haven’t walked them yet but plan to. Some lead to the Des Moines river above salorville lake on core ground that my family used to farm.

  22. Warren says

    I tried to sign up today, but there is a problem. The Complete your registration page is not showing up the form. So I cannot complete it and send registration. could you please investigate. I am in Australia and love prospecting, so I would love to get membership..



  23. Nitan Karki says

    Dear sir. I am nitan karki from nepal.I want to find gold in our country.
    Is this possiable in our country.if is it possiable , in which part
    Of our country can find gold. Sir I think you know about my country.
    We have most important things in the world.that is mt. Everest.

    • Apple Jack says

      Nitan Karki, you don’t know me but I worked in Iraq with a few of your country men. We worked at what is called a fuel farm, we hauled the diesel for the camp. Camp ALASAD, I knew him by the name (RAM), and they all called me Apple Jack.
      I’m back now in the US, and I hope he made it back to Nepal.
      Any-way I was on this site trying to learn how to hunt for gold when I saw You were from Nepal.
      I hope you understand, and good hunting for gold and other gem-stones in your country. Don’t forget about
      the meteorites.
      I hope I find my old friend,
      Thanks for your help.

    • Prospector Jess says

      From the home page, log into the Member’s Area using the username you chose (this is different than your email) and password. You can reset your password if you need. Once in the member’s area, just scroll down until you see the link for the content that you have purchased. Click the link and watch the video.

  24. Nicholas Doucakis says

    Thanks for the help fixing my password and access issue Jess.
    I’m currently living in the Shingle Springs area and am researching the Downieville, CA area to go prospecting. But first I am “absorbing” your lessons on reading the stream and was amazed at the “Helicoil effect” – what an eye opener.

    No wonder why I only find a flour speck!
    I’ve been looking in the wrong places.

    Thanks Again,

  25. Rommel Navarro says

    Hello Sir Jess!! I am a new member on this site…I’m a gold newbie and definitely thirsty for knowledge as to where to find that gold. I was recently in an area i wanted to metal detect but am not sure which part to start. I got this photo for you to look at, if you dont mind. Its one of the rocks in abundance there. Thanks!!

  26. Glenn Leavitt says


    What is a good e-mail to get in touch with you. I have a question about my Gold Prospector’s Bonanza Club membership

  27. raymond petersen says

    I just bought some paydirt from eureka gold sands with platinum nuggets in it, also with micro fine gold and platinum in it. This is very hard to tell what is platinum or whatever it is. Could you shed some light on this in a video or photos. there is a lot in our pans that could be worth money besides gold.

  28. Greg Gomes says

    ok you got me hooked. love your site, Let me know what you want and I will provide. lol

  29. casey says

    hey Jess i found a quartz vein above my house. I went there with my pick and started breaking apart the loose piece, I ended up breaking open a piece of the quartz and found a huge piece of what i think is iron but it has a goldish hue on one side and sillvery on the other was wondering if it might be gold fused with another element possibly iron

    • Prospector Jess says

      Could be a lot of things,
      goldish hue can be copper pyrite, gold-silver electrum, etc. Silvery can be silver (if it was encased in quartz free from air) or lead, iron pyrites, etc.

      Probably going to need to do more testing. In general iron will be oxidized (black, red or orange color – not silver at all) if not oxidized it will tend to be blue as in the great blue lead. Which will soon turn red when exposed to air.

      Post a sharp picture on the Facebook page, let’s see what it looks like.

      PS. Elemental iron is ‘para’ magnetic – see if a magnet attracts it.

  30. danny halsey says

    hey jess done alot more recon useing your tips and the usgs maps look like that there may be gold in this county after all when the cal. gold rush hit everyone left here and went out there so this county has not been prospected much if any at all to cold to go out and now but i am going to hit it hard in the spring thanks learing a lot

  31. danny halsey says

    ok jess thanks like i say this county may not have any gold but it has never been prospected that i can find

  32. danny halsey says

    hey jess thanks for the info on the usgs maps i have found that copper iron pig iron some gold high iron thats a good sign that thay may be more gold around here right well this county has not been prospected for much so i hope i can find some around

    • Prospector Jess says

      See if the USGS detailed gold map data in the MRDS links to a more detailed spec or report about a few sites around your proposed location. Then you will want to look up gold claim info for good ones…

  33. danny halsey says

    i live in north west nc i went to a creek and done some digging and found a hard layer of gray white mica black sand a lot of black sand would that be a good place to set up and run for a while the mica layer is about 1foot under the creek bed and under it is more gravel

  34. Pat Dolan says

    Is there a free online tool to research a potential region to prospect??????
    I am a nube rookie.

  35. Robert Jr Franco says

    Hi Jess , I want to thank you for you have done for me.Couldn!t absorb it all,but now I know more than I ever did before,which was nothing. your videos were especially helpful. And so now my friend Gale has took me under his wing and is showing me some technics he uses and on top of that he is going to put on spot he knows of. I intend to keep learning as time allows as I am a shareholder with Codebreaker in Pinos Altos New Mexico. I have been with them for some time and spend all the time I can there. It is also super interesting. We are in the process uncovering what is the entrance to the fabled 7 Cities of gold,that has eluded mankind for 500 years Quite a story. We have a website which is Thanks for your exclusive offer you are truly remarkable. Looking forward to look at them. Thank You once again and have a very Happy Holidays. Wish me luck.

  36. Derek Bleiler says

    Hi Jess, Thanks for a good site. I just joined and went to USGS site to look at the maps and I am getting this message-
    ‘The requested service is temporarily unavailable. It is either overloaded or under maintenance. Please try later.’ on their web page.
    Do you know if this has been down for awhile, and or if it’s coming back online soon?
    Thanks for your time!

    • Prospector Jess says


      I’ve see it go offline from time to time especially around holidays.
      For some reason US Gov’t computers get time off for holidays too. It was up a few days ago.


  37. aijaz mangi says

    Good Evening Sir,
    I do a lot of respect of elders as like you
    Sir I am Living at the down stream area of River Indus can gold be found here we are saturated abot 200 km away from the river indus delta.
    four year past we face history’s huge flood in whole the country may gold comes through this flood at the lower stream point. Please kindly guide me sir I shall be very thankful to you

  38. Terry Regier says

    Hello Prospector Jess- I have stopped receiving your e-mails. I have confirmed that I am a member and that no emails from you are in any other folders. I enjoy your site. Thank You

  39. William Hardin says

    Hi Jess,

    I still don’t have access to the Government Gold Maps.
    I also waited all day for that promised training lesson and it hasn’t showed up either.

    Order ID: 201406816

  40. Kane Dalton says

    hi Jess,
    i have gone to the link on my email to subscribe for the news letter but ill i get when i go to that link is
    Oops! this contents is members only.
    i was getting emails from u but for some reason they have stopped coming
    clearly i am a member “gold prospector bonanza club”

  41. Al Albrecht says

    Hello Jess,

    It seems your system doesn’t recognize my email address?????? I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to all this computer stuff, but can figure out most things, but your site has me in a spin….

    I guess this is my status-

    Note: You currently have access to the following member levels. There is no need to re-register for access to these levels.
    Registered Levels ==> {Government Gold Maps, Gold Prospectors Bonanza Club, Gold Finders Report} *
    * FYI: If “Registered Levels” says {Array} it means you are not registered for any levels yet, or you are not logged in…

    You need at least 1 registration level to log-in, so why not start with your Free Gold Finder’s Report?

    So I’ve gotten into the Gold Finder’s Report – so What does that do for me?

    When I try to log into other things it always tells me my email address is incorrect – yet I do get your email every day – the last 3 asking me to join the Bonanza Club OF WHICH I AM ALREADY A MEMBER……

    I really don’t understand your level thing – Could you explain them? How may are there? And what level does what? I’m sure others would like to know also. A little chart of these on the site would be helpful.

    I have enjoyed what I have been able to read, but sure would like it all. Thanks and your time is appreciated.

    • Prospector Jess says

      I sent you and email about the access issues you mentioned. You’re right about what your account should allow for access, the enables are all set right. So, it looks like we may need to schedule a session to make sure the log in works for you.

  42. Eddie Coff says

    Hello, I am a little confused. I am looking for the “7 secrets to gold prospecting success” you mention in the Panning for the paystreak video I just bought. Where can I access this info. It seems kind of important for the whole panning for success thing I just paid for.

  43. Frans Verduyn says

    Hi Jess I paid $ 7.00 what happened to mygold maps I can’t get access to them.
    Frans Verduyn

      • William Hardin says

        Hi Jess, I also paid my $7.00 fee and I don’t have access to the government gold maps either.

      • Prospector Jess says


        For some reason it looks like you were not registered after the shopping cart exit.
        I set you up registration wise, now just login to the site & go to the members area and select the Government Gold maps link to go to the video viewing page as often as you wish.


  44. James Mundell says

    good day jess

    i live in Indian. im finding gold but it is pin head size i would love to find bigger gold!!!! but not sure why i am not.. there is one spot i have been working in for two or three months now find alittle over 3 grams. im down about 5 to 8 feet in a gravel and sand bed no bed rock or clay bottom yet and it seems like the gold is drying up.. have been through many differnt layers i keep finding these little clay balls from golf ball size to as big as a bowling ball some bigger im not throw those away just sitting them a side right now. but do i keep going deep to fine better gold or am i just running out of paydirt… can you help jess. thanks james..

    • Prospector Jess says

      James, When you have these clay balls collected together, try using a cement mixer coarse gravel & water to break them up so any gold can be extracted from the mud slurry. Mix it up until the clay balls have dissolved & released any gold trapped within. The clay will often act as a false bedrock trapping gold in layers above the real bedrock. Once you have the slurry, pan it out as you usually would.

  45. TN Dredger says

    Am a new prospector looking for productive areas I can place a claim on. I live in Nashville TN and looking for the closest location in which there are some areas I could place a claim on. I have worked the “pay locations” but those are not profitable as they have been heavily worked over the years. Looking for suggestions and possible prospector I could partner with.

  46. Josh says

    I didn’t get to bed rock. What I found is this tan colored hard pan right below the stream rocks. It was to hard to shovel through. The specks were pepper sized and smaller. Should I try to pick at the hard pan work just scrape it?

    • Prospector Jess says

      Is the hard pan require crushing? Or will it come apart in your pan easily once you remove it? Hardpan can trap gold if it is concreted, that is it wont easily be disturbed by floods.

  47. Josh says

    I live in gold country ca, (Amador County) and live in a area with a lot of seasonal creeks that run to a large reservoir. I have done some test pans in my backyard and found about 15-20 specks in 2-gallons of concentrate. All dug right at ground level. Should I keep looking and digging deeper down or do seasonal creeks never produce anything but flour?

    • Prospector Jess says


      The key to placer gold is that it moves in seasonal floods. So, seasonal creeks can be very good to look at. What size of gold flecks? Did you go to bedrock?

  48. Rodger says


    I have watched several of your youtube videos and I am wondering how do I get the full complete set of videos that are in chronological order ? A complete set ?

  49. TRAJON says

    After watching a few of your youtube videos, I have a few opinions to share with you. Your science is sound! I cannnot disagree with anything that you have said scientifically. Your opinions, however are outlandish! Your emphasis on finding a “source” is a waste of time. While a “source” of gold is an interesting side note that children and novices dream of, it is NOT the most economical, or sensible place for the average prospector to obtain gold.

    Sources can be incredibly convoluted items. They could be 3rd or fourth generation placers, that have seen multiple metamorphoses, or they may be straight up sulphides of Au in the living rock, from hydrothermal vents. No matter the origin of these “sources”, they are the MOST difficult to recover, and the LEAST economical to recover. Sulphides are perhaps the worst because of the fact that after you actually remove (read BLAST and HAUL) the material, you then must process the ore with either heavy duty chemicals (cyanide) or use extreme heat, OR both to eliminate the sulfur component.

    At the other end of the “sensibility” spectrum is this: Find the “source”, then MOVE your ass downstream! and see what mother nature has already done for you! Nature has likely removed the material from the rock, oxidized the sulfides, stratified the resulting Au, and deposited it according to a simple set of rules that apply to density, gravity, and mechanical energy. THIS is where the money is.

    I appreciate your cause, and hope you do well, but please focus on the “low hanging fruit”
    Thanks, Tray

    • Prospector Jess says


      Thanks for the review and input. Sorry to have given the impression of dismissing placer gold deposits. I agree with you that it’s best to focus where the gold concentrates naturally.

      With that said, even placer prospecting has two benefits from knowing about lode ore sources.

      1. The ore will always be the prospector’s dream and so should be a part of any placer discussion since many folks share that dream (it drives them to look further for clues, even for more placer clues in the stream bed)

      2. The Gold lode is often the source for the placer you are finding. By knowing your prey’s (placer gold) source you will be more effective in hunting for that placer gold.

      You are right the, best opportunity “low hanging fruit” is in finding and mining the placer deposit itself. Thanks for sharing that!

  50. John says

    I’m looking for other like minded prospectors to work there any body out there?I have access to a few nor-cal. want to get that gold safley!

    • TRAJON says

      I am willing to provide engineering advice, in exchange for gold. Please send your contact information to me tduclos at Or just E-Mail me any questions that you may have and we will work something out. I am always happy to help fellow prospectors, and persons who have an interest in geology.
      Thanks, and good luck!

    • Georgiy says

      I am in So CAL but am planning to visit NorCal . I am a GPAA member and we have a lot of claims up north. I am interested to find someone to join and go prospecting. Let me know at

  51. Ejpren says

    Tried to sign up with two of my email accounts – no email received in either. Yes, I checked the junk mail folder.

    • Prospector Jess says

      I checked your subscribe records and both cases were sent to the email you entered with no bounce. My guess is that you have a really powerful filter at your IP level if it’s not even getting into your spam box. Try to whitelist us ( & sign up to re-subscribe.

      • Manuel Bustos says

        Jess,I haven’t received the video I bought at your website
        My name is Manuel Bustos .mbustos48 at,
        I haven’t found any gold yet and I’m exited to find
        Some gold flakes. I’m in Colorado looking in creeks
        Towards Centralcity,no luck yet.if you know of other
        Places in Colorado that I can look please let me

      • Prospector Jess says

        Thanks for the request Manuel and good to talk with you too! Please let me know if there’s anything you need about your instant access & video viewing.

        Sorry you didn’t realize you get access within minutes via email access codes. At least you now know about the access, yes we are getting ready to launch physical DVD’s as a purchase option. I would like to know how many would be interested to make sure our supply is stable and satisfactory to you guys. Thanks again for buying! Prospector Jess\

        Don’t forget to use the contact email or phone number to let me know about any questions your have…

      • Mike Wade says

        i too did not see the instant access could you resend my access codes please

  52. mike jack says

    Question ??? Is true that i have to check with the court house to see about prospecting is ok and also get a permit from them or do i go see the Forest service for that or both ??? Becaise I have a county in mind and a place to look at .

    • Prospector Jess says

      Mike, Good question – Q: How do you determine gold claim access rights?

      A: Gold claims & mining or prospecting ability can be tricky to assess for legal access depending on the legal ownership and claim records involved.

      I’m going to be working up a video on the whole process of claims and mining law.

      A: Parties involved can be any of the following or a combination of them depending on land etc.
      1. Federal authorities (BLM, Forest, National Park/Monument/wilderness (off limits mostly), Dept of Fisheries, Mining …) Mostly BLM & Forest service maintains federal claim management.
      2. State authorities (Parks, Dept of Fish & Game, State Mines & Geology)
      3. County recording (Land use & real estate records) <– Usually county court houses are most common recording organization for mining claims & production records & land records
      4. Private property (County records & real estate)

      Once you evaluate who has legal jurisdiction or claim ownership you can start the process for obtaining a permit for prospecting or panning access. Getting final mineral patent is a whole different can of worms, just find the gold samples then worry about that…

      P.S. As you may know, do not simply trespass or claim jump (enter a prospect and start panning or mining.) That claim jump incident can get a person in legal trouble. The penalty can be pretty harsh – starting with loss of prospecting equipment and ending with a federal court hearing & jail… See future post on mining claims for more.

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