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Selling Gold Specimens – Prospector’s Caution:

‘Hand of Faith’ Nugget 875 Troy Ounces! Found in 1980

Hey, it’s a US Presidential election year, 2012 and gold has dropped about 14% since the peak in September of 2011. That brings up a question, do you think the gold rush boom is over?

Then you ought to –  look at this gold rush election year spot price post too.    Before you go there, consider this gold prospector’s tip first…

The next time you dig up a “Hand of faith nugget” be ready for some big gold specimen collectors to come knocking and ask you to sell it at spot gold prices…

Wait a minute! You’re thinking; why not sell my nugget at spot price?

You shouldn’t sell nuggets at spot because larger natural Gold specimens sell for more sometimes much more.  Gold specimens which are any decent sized nugget, crystalline gold piece or Gold ore with good character and quality. These finds are very rare*, rare enough to qualify for a better price per ounce than typical Gold bullion (spot) prices shown above.

Finding gold?

For What its Worth…
(The $ Value of Your Gold Nugget)

As a Gold prospector you must keep one eye on the spot price and another eye on the going specimen price. You see, a gold nugget of reasonable size and quality can bring in from 2x to 4x the spot price when sold to the right collector. To start with, go over to Ebay and look up what smaller collector specimens sell for. That’s not even typical prices for a larger or more interesting quality gold find either. The search on Ebay for high priced gold nuggets is here.

Gold Prospecting Tip:
Secure your find in a safe place, then do your gold specimen price research before you agree on a price for your rare gold finds.
There’s no need to rush the sale. since your find has been waiting for a long time already 😉

Good Prospecting!

Prospector Jess

P.S. * Why do native gold nuggets command higher prices to collectors?  Native gold nuggets have both natural beauty and rarity much like diamonds.
Consider this fact:   A one ounce gold nugget is more rare to find than a one carat diamond!

Think of all those large natural nuggets that were melted for bullion in the 1800-1900 period. Ouch, let’s not make that mistake again!