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Gold Prospector Jess

Gold Prospector Jess

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This is not just about how to pan for gold, sure we’ll cover that. You need to know how to find gold fast. You need to have the right gold prospecting knowledge and tools to make any panning or mining you do worth while.


Once you have these, you are on your way to finding where gold hides! More on that in a minute.. The price of gold keeps climbing, up from $350 just a few years ago. It’s currently between $1500 and $2000/oz…
Try getting that ROI in the stock market!

Up to 80% of the world’s gold is
still out there, waiting for you to find.

  • This is because the gold miners in 1849 did not have the kind of technology that we do today. The equipment that they had been homemade and inefficient, and a lot of their gold just poured out the back end.
  • Also, because of how streams and rivers work, and how the old 49’ers couldn’t access certain parts of the gold pay-streaks due to lack of modern day prospecting methods (you will find out about these in the free members area). Yes, there is still gold in many places, even where it was discovered! After all, “gold is where you (or others) find it.”
  • Just a few things you’ll see inside would have made a huge difference to the 49’ers. Too bad they didn’t have those nuggets of gold prospecting experience leveraging 162 years of scientific know how (since the gold rush of 1849.)

Let the gold prospecting adventure begin…
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