Big Gold Nugget Found, Ballarat Australia – Weighs 177 ounces!

Breaking News: Big gold nugget found, Ballarat Australia – Weighs 177 ounces…

big gold nugget found weighs 177 ounces
big gold nugget found weighs 177 ounces

This is the 177 troy ounce monster gold nugget.  The big gold nugget found, Ballarat Australia – Weighs 177 ounces or 5,505 grams – (That’s a hefty 5.505 kgs or 14.8 pounds.)   This monster nugget was found by a gold prospector that was using a  metal detector close to Ballarat, Victoria, Australia on January 16, 2013.  Yup that’s  a really big gold nugget found, Ballarat Australia – Weighs 177 ounces that’s huge! The price for it should be at least 2x spot or about $1680 US/oz U x 2 or about 500,000. Not bad for a day’s work! I’ll bet the real story is a bit longer than a days search went into finding this nugget. We’ll have to see…

Gold News upload date 10:30am Jan 16 2013!

You have got to see the big nugget beast to believe it.  I’m writing this page as fast as possible so you get the news before the big Ballarat gold rush is on! Anyway you may want to pack your bags and get ready to go and compete for the next monster nugget. How about your name next to the title “big gold nugget found, Ballarat Australia – Weighs 177 ounces…” ?

Here’s the video that was just posted on YouTube about the Gold nugget found – Weighs 177 ounces Ballarat Australia…  This one’s going down in the history of record breaking gold nuggets. It is the second such monster nugget in the last year from the Ballarat region. That makes the region one of the best for gold finding and nugget recovery. Way to go for Australian gold prospector’s!

See gold nugget here





  1. fred woodend says

    Hi all” im in pittsburgh pa came from ca about 2yrs now just got in with Jess club im a member now some good stuff:: got my gold pan lot’s of strems here to look at averyone here says theres know gold here?what do you think ! thanks for all you do ps hope to here back soon

    • scott says

      hey i am from pittsburgh and this is going to be my first spring (2015) of looking for gold around the area. any advice? i know there isnt much here, but gotta start someplace

  2. bob says

    I have a question that I hope you can answer. Why is there never any gold mining information about Colo, its always about Calf or Alaska? Cant even get Tom Massie to do several shows on Colo! I just wonder if half the stuff people are selling would even work here. Thanks

    • Hiro says

      I live in Marin County, I new this hobby, I really not how work. I mean under law. Please help me with some information abount the correct metodo to usa a metal detector. Thank you!

    • Prospector Jess says

      That depends on local laws and claim access rights. Not easy to give “best” place in a simple post…

  3. Terry Hebert says

    So Jess where can I find gold arround Hemet ,Ca 92544-1975 .I dont have the fuel to drive very far ?

    • GoldnTroll says

      the high desert has a lot of locations in the dry stream beds coming out of the hills around or you
      can join the GPAA and they have claims all over this valley 2 big ones are right at cajon pass area if that is not to far to travel ( 15 and hwy 138 head east 138 for 2 miles take dirt road 3N45 north ) check to see who has claims here as to not be a claim jumper , thats why I joined the GPAA in the Inland Empire prospectors club

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