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A gold finding tip that can make you quake in your boots

Gold Mines California

A gold finding tip that can make you quake in your boots – It’s Gold’s Fault! BAM! Rumble.. The ground started rocking and rolling. I was jolted awake, and my wife said “is this it?” I said I’m not sure, and started my usual quake countdown while listening to the rumble, rumble fade off into […]

How to find gold when it’s raining cats and dogs


I was just asked this great gold finding question –     “Hey Prospector Jess,     What should I do in the winter to prepare for this upcoming year [of prospecting]?” Great question — While snow falls or rivers are in flood stage what do you do next?   Of course you’ll want to steer clear of […]

How quickly the price of gold will shift

How gold prices rise

Take a look at the world around you, it’s interesting to observe how quickly the price of gold will shift given a few political words followed by the simple movement of troops in places like the Crimea or Ukraine. Gold has climbed over 10% recently when these world events combined with the effects of growing […]

Why do flooding and fires affect placer gold?

Wild fires & placer gold

Why do flooding and fires affect gold concentration? You may have heard me mention that floods are the primary agent of movement for concentrating placer gold.  In fact water moves all that gold, even in the desert. What is possibly the most fascinating part about this is the fact that erosion of land and riverbed […]

Big Gold Nugget Found, Ballarat Australia – Weighs 177 ounces!

big gold nugget found weighs 177 ounces

Breaking News: Big gold nugget found, Ballarat Australia – Weighs 177 ounces… This is the 177 troy ounce monster gold nugget.  The big gold nugget found, Ballarat Australia – Weighs 177 ounces or 5,505 grams – (That’s a hefty 5.505 kgs or 14.8 pounds.)   This monster nugget was found by a gold prospector that was […]

Gold panning in seven steps – How to find placer gold with a pan

Gold Panning

Gold panning procedures Here are seven simple steps to follow while gold panning.  Keep in mind that you’ll need to adjust these procedures based on the type of gold pan you have and  the type of placer gold that you find while prospecting and mining.  Other reasons to adjust include, skill levels, recent floods and […]

Crystalline gold specimens


Crystalline gold specimens are each one unique Take a look at these crystalline gold specimens, it has a beauty and gold value all of its own.  The value of specimen crystalline gold is it is not based on spot value spot prices for gold instead it’s based on the collectors interest and the aesthetic qualities […]