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Gold prospecting videos & articles on finding gold

Gold Sampling

What’s a Gold Sample?

What's a gold sample? Take a look these three important fundamentals of gold samples...A gold sample is taken from a special site location chosen so that it has the right stuff (gold prediction features) to be useful in telling you about the gold your site has.  Sounds simple enough doesn't … [How to find gold ...]

Metal detecting for gold nuggets

Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets

Metal detecting for gold nuggets requires a bit of preparation before successfully finding gold nuggets can be done. First consider the following metal detecting background. Metal detectors and gold nugget detectors all rely upon some interesting properties concerning electromagnetic radiation. That’s a fancy way of saying radio waves and how they interact with metallic objects. […]

Finding gold is fun!

Finding gold is fun!

When life says  you need a break, see why finding gold is fun for a change! When my family was in need of a break from our hectic life experiences, I recalled a vacation I once took with my parents long ago in the ’49er gold rush country of California. It was a fun time […]

What is gold?

What is gold?

This video deals with the core subject of our hunt – Just  what is gold? It is important to understand the nature of our golden prey. To understand gold better I will look at 3 major areas that define the nature of gold.  These 3 areas about gold and its nature are: Gold’s properties (physical, […]

Gold Mines California

A gold finding tip that can make you quake in your boots

A gold finding tip that can make you quake in your boots – It’s Gold’s Fault! BAM! Rumble.. The ground started rocking and rolling. I was jolted awake, and my wife said “is this it?” I said I’m not sure, and started my usual quake countdown while listening to the rumble, rumble fade off into […]