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Check flash or Html5?

Video player issues?

Sometimes our web players and various web browser & operating system combinations conspire together to prevent viewers from enjoying our videos.Here's a few tips to help you resolve that problem.1.  Look at your browser and computer audio/video settings to make sure other videos work, … [How to find gold ...]

Discover Gold Fast

How You Can Discover Gold Fast!

Watch this video for a few things to improve your ability to find gold fast... Gold prospecting has a few things for you to follow that will quickly improve your ability to discover gold fast. By watching this video you will see just how four simple steps will boost your ability and make finding … [How to find gold ...]

Finding gold is fun!

Finding gold is fun!

When life says  you need a break, see why finding gold is fun for a change!When my family was in need of a break from our hectic life experiences, I recalled a vacation I once took with my parents long ago in the '49er gold rush country of California.It was a fun time and relaxing. I also … [How to find gold ...]

What is gold?

What is gold?

This video deals with the core subject of our hunt - Just  what is gold?It is important to understand the nature of our golden prey. To understand gold better I will look at 3 major areas that define the nature of gold.  These 3 areas about gold and its nature are:Gold's properties … [How to find gold ...]

Gold Sampling

What’s a Gold Sample?

What’s a gold sample? Take a look these three important fundamentals of gold samples… A gold sample is taken from a special site location chosen so that it has the right stuff (gold prediction features) to be useful in telling you about the gold your site has.  Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? These features mean […]

Finding gold is a prospecting skill to learn

The 3 Big Questions About Finding Gold

Here’s the three big questions and answers about finding gold Now lets get on to those big questions and my answers… Here’s a list of the three biggest questions I’ve been asked about finding gold. Take a good look at the questions and my answers. See if you agree these are your biggest questions as […]

Gold Mines California

A gold finding tip that can make you quake in your boots

A gold finding tip that can make you quake in your boots – It’s Gold’s Fault! BAM! Rumble.. The ground started rocking and rolling. I was jolted awake, and my wife said “is this it?” I said I’m not sure, and started my usual quake countdown while listening to the rumble, rumble fade off into […]


How to find gold when it’s raining cats and dogs

I was just asked this great gold finding question –     “Hey Prospector Jess,     What should I do in the winter to prepare for this upcoming year [of prospecting]?” Great question — While snow falls or rivers are in flood stage what do you do next?   Of course you’ll want to steer clear of […]

Gold prospecting quick start video series

Gold prospecting quick start video

Here's the hunting for gold quick start video introducing the topics for the next few free gold prospecting video releases in our series on how to start finding gold.Note: To be sure you get all … [Read More...]

Gold Sniffing Dog Rowdy

Gold sniffing dogs?

Have you heard of gold sniffing dogs? While out prospecting for gold one hot day I was watching our cattle dog rowdy play with the kids. He was diving to the bottom of a pool of water and fetching … [Read More...]

World gold production graph - gold prospecting

Is there any gold left after 1849?

I've actually had people ask me:"Is there really any Gold left after the Gold rush of 1849?"Wow! Yes, there is a lot more gold left! Perhaps as much as 80% still remains, yet to be found by … [Read More...]