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Gold panning videos

How to find gold using rocks and minerals video

Here's the video on the relationship between rocks, minerals and gold. Note the few essential mineral types you need to watch for, these include; quartzite (especially dark stained tertiary quartz), magnetite & hematite, pyrite, green stones such as serpentine (California state mineral), red … [How to find gold ...]

Gold prospecting quick start video series

Gold prospecting quick start video

Here's the hunting for gold quick start video introducing the topics for the next few free gold prospecting video releases in our series on how to start finding gold.Note: To be sure you get all of  the complimentary gold prospecting & mining videos;  Sign-Up todayThe gold prospecting … [How to find gold ...]

Gold Sniffing Dog Rowdy

Gold sniffing dogs?

Have you heard of gold sniffing dogs? While out prospecting for gold one hot day I was watching our cattle dog rowdy play with the kids. He was diving to the bottom of a pool of water and fetching rocks. Right when I thought he was going to get hit by a big heavy 3 incher I saw something else... He … [How to find gold ...]

Panning for the gold paystreak - watch it

Panning for the Paystreak! (Short highlight video)

The prospecting connection to panning is especially important in knowing where nuggets, pickers and fine gold come from so you can easily spot more of them while you sleuth out the source."Panning for the Paystreak (short)" is a short demo video what's inside our full length gold panning & … [How to find gold ...]

big gold nugget found weighs 177 ounces

Big Gold Nugget Found, Ballarat Australia – Weighs 177 ounces!

Breaking News: Big gold nugget found, Ballarat Australia - Weighs 177 ounces...This is the 177 troy ounce monster gold nugget.  The big gold nugget found, Ballarat Australia - Weighs 177 ounces or 5,505 grams - (That's a hefty 5.505 kgs or 14.8 pounds.)   This monster nugget was found by a gold … [How to find gold ...]

Gold-Prices-Election-3-22-2012 10-07-49 PM

Gold spot prices and election year cycles?

Gold spot prices and election year impact of the 2012 elections: Gold spot prices and election year gold price chart below got me thinking about the influence of Presidential choice on gold spot prices and election year. See Hunting for Gold spot prices: current gold spot price election year for … [How to find gold ...]

Gold Panning

Gold panning in seven steps – How to find placer gold with a pan

Gold panning procedures Here are seven simple steps to follow while gold panning.  Keep in mind that you'll need to adjust these procedures based on the type of gold pan you have and  the type of placer gold that you find while prospecting and mining.  Other reasons to adjust include, skill levels, … [How to find gold ...]

The earth and its gold started in spacewhere gold comes from

Where does placer gold come from?

Where does placer gold come from - Gold Geology 101 - Finding placer gold sources, video part 2 of 2 (all 3 segments) Our discussion of where does placer gold come from?  Gold and geology video picks up with a small review of the last video... (Note: If you need to check - Geology and gold 101 … [How to find gold ...]

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Gold sluice box setup

Sluicing for Nuggets Careful Sluicing with Clay

Be careful sluicing with clay - Keep your values!

Good Stuff


Crystalline gold specimens are each one unique Take a look at these crystalline gold specimens, it has a beauty and gold value all of its own.  The value of specimen crystalline gold is it is not based on spot value spot prices for gold instead it’s based on the collectors interest and the aesthetic qualities […]


Specimen gold value, finding gold ore and what  it may be worth. Speaking of finding gold ore. I just got off a call with my gold mining and prospecting friend Rob, we were discussing finding gold ore specimens liker the one shown in this picture. A small part of it was mentioned on our Facebook […]


Gold finding process – 5 Stages of finding gold To learn more details about how to find gold using this gold finding process diagram – take my Gold Prospector’s Bonanza course… Now you can learn more about the 5 stage gold finding process and a few other gold finding tactics borrowed from the prospector’s bonanza […]

Gold panning video

Gold panning & Gold sniping, Fun after the GPAA Gold show… Here’s the video about our Gold panning & sniping demonstration after GPAA gold show.  Remember last post I said that after the rain cleared we left the GPAA gold show for a gold panning and sniping test of our new Keene 14″ gold pan […]


Gold is where you find it – GPAA Gold show with Gold prospecting tools & Gold sniping field trip videos… I just took a little gold prospecting field trip on a rainy day here in Southern California.  The GPAA Gold show, this is the Gold prospector’s Association of America annual Gold and Treasure shows across […]

Gold (fools gold) pyrite

Know how to find gold easily by watching out for just a handful of gold related rocks and minerals: Where you’re hunting for gold; rocks and minerals are one of the most important things you can look at to find gold location clues. Out of the billions of combinations of rock and mineral types, there […]

Platinum nuggets & Gold prospectors

Q: Fran asks: Hi Prospector. Jess, I really liked the videos outlining how to track a pay streak in the river curves. I am about one year into prospecting and this revelation really tweaked it in for me. I have a question , I read somewhere that the most valuable Gold is not yellow in […]