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Gold panning videos

How to find gold using rocks and minerals video

Here's the video on the relationship between rocks, minerals and gold. Note the few essential mineral types you need to watch for, these include; quartzite (especially dark stained tertiary quartz), magnetite & hematite, pyrite, green stones such as serpentine (California state mineral), red … [How to find gold ...]

Gold prospecting quick start video series

Gold prospecting quick start video

Here's the hunting for gold quick start video introducing the topics for the next few free gold prospecting video releases in our series on how to start finding gold.Note: To be sure you get all of  the complimentary gold prospecting & mining videos;  Sign-Up todayThe gold prospecting … [How to find gold ...]

World gold production graph - gold prospecting

Is there any gold left after 1849?

I've actually had people ask me:"Is there really any Gold left after the Gold rush of 1849?"Wow! Yes, there is a lot more gold left! Perhaps as much as 80% still remains, yet to be found by people like you. Imagine the amazing adventures you'll have hunting for and finding native … [How to find gold ...]

Gold Sniffing Dog Rowdy

Gold sniffing dogs?

Have you heard of gold sniffing dogs? While out prospecting for gold one hot day I was watching our cattle dog rowdy play with the kids. He was diving to the bottom of a pool of water and fetching rocks. Right when I thought he was going to get hit by a big heavy 3 incher I saw something else... He … [How to find gold ...]

The earth and its gold started in spacewhere gold comes from

Where does placer gold come from?

Where does placer gold come from - Gold Geology 101 - Finding placer gold sources, video part 2 of 2 (all 3 segments) Our discussion of where does placer gold come from?  Gold and geology video picks up with a small review of the last video... (Note: If you need to check - Geology and gold 101 … [How to find gold ...]

Panning for the gold paystreak - watch it

Panning for the Paystreak! (Short highlight video)

The prospecting connection to panning is especially important in knowing where nuggets, pickers and fine gold come from so you can easily spot more of them while you sleuth out the source."Panning for the Paystreak (short)" is a short demo video what's inside our full length gold panning & … [How to find gold ...]

California Route 49

California’s historic gold route 49

The California Gold rush of 1849 can still be experienced all along California's famous "Route 49." It's a great place to launch a series of family adventures along the Sierra Nevada mountains; hunting for, and finding Gold! The 49'er worked the gold from the Sierra foothills - something over 3+ … [How to find gold ...]

Metal detecting for gold nuggets

Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets

Metal detecting for gold nuggets requires a bit of preparation before successfully finding gold nuggets can be done. First consider the following metal detecting background. Metal detectors and gold … [Read More...]

Finding gold is fun!

Finding gold is fun!

When life says  you need a break, see why finding gold is fun for a change!When my family was in need of a break from our hectic life experiences, I recalled a vacation I once took with my … [Read More...]

What is gold?

What is gold?

This video deals with the core subject of our hunt - Just  what is gold?It is important to understand the nature of our golden prey. To understand gold better I will look at 3 major areas that … [Read More...]

Gold Sampling

What’s a Gold Sample?

What's a gold sample? Take a look these three important fundamentals of gold samples...A gold sample is taken from a special site location chosen so that it has the right stuff (gold prediction … [Read More...]